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Competition Golf is the fun way to add real-time scoring to your next event. This includes online leaderboards, statistics and much more.
Each group gets a pre-loaded scoring device to take out on to the course. Players enter their gross scores into the device and we handle all of the calculations for them. No more working out how many shots you get on a hole, we show you!
In the clubhouse, the leaderboard shows who is winning, in real-time. Out on the course, the devices show the positions and scores for each group and for individual golfers. Nothing like knowing how the other players are doing to focus your mind on the next putt!
We can provide real-time scoring for Stableford and Strokeplay competitions, and we support Individual, Best-Ball and Better-ball formats.
Matchplay is coming soon.
Each group is given a preloaded scoring device. Players enter their gross scores in to the device and we handle all of the calculations for them.
The devices are easy to use and we provide full training on the day.
We can provide real-time scoring for a single group to as many groups as you have…there are no limits!
We cover any group size, up to four-balls. We also support two groups on the same device, so if you have 2 teams of 2, playing in a four-ball, we have you covered!
We want to make sure our services meet your needs as closely as possible. To help with this, we want to make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for. Please look at our pricing page for more information.
We love helping you raise money for good causes. Up to 18 separate sponsors, one for each hole, can be shown on the device and on the leaderboard, providing an additional revenue source you can use help raise funds for your good cause.
Discounts and special deals are available for charity events, why not contact us for more details.
When you book an event, we provide you with a website link you can share with other people. This link will show you the event details and tee times. On the day of the event, when play starts the leaderboard is shown.
Anyone can view the leaderboard using the link that we provide. After the event you can use that link to view the results.
Do you want to keep the winner secret until you are ready to announce it?
You can choose to hide the scores for the scores on the final holes, so nobody knows who has won.
We would love to! If you would like us to come to an event you are holding, please contact us and we would be happy to talk about how we can help.
We can help you with all aspects of your golf day or we can do everything for you!
Please contact us for more details.

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