Competition Golf adds brilliant excitement to FORE Business event

Karl Gjertsen

tom jullings

What a fantastic experience our Northampton FORE Business group had at our January networking event, using the Competition Golf scoring system. So much so, that I felt compelled to write a testimonial about the experience.

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A brief Introduction

I’m Tom Jullings, a director at onefoursix. I’ve been a FORE Business member for just over 2 years, most of which has been at the Northampton group. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet plenty of business owners and build my network of contacts. I’m the social ambassador at the group, which means I help to facilitate the networking event. I first met Karl in late 2017, when he joined our networking group. You can read more about Karl’s experience of joining FORE Business here. Having met Karl and had the opportunity to play golf with him, we saw a great opportunity to showcase Karl’s product to our network by using his scoring system for one of our networking events. It would serve multiple purposes. Firstly, it would give Competition Golf a platform to demonstrate how the product could be integrated in to golf days. Secondly, it would provide Karl with some useful test data to see how the product works during a live event. Thirdly, it would add a great deal of excitement to our networking event.

The event

Once a month our FORE Business group meets to network and play golf. We play a Stableford scoring format in teams of 3 or 4, depending on attendees. We usually have between 20 and 30 attendees. In the days leading up to the event, I sent a couple of updates to Karl on attendees on the day, which Karl prepared in to groups before the event. As is usually the case, we had a few last-minute changes, plus handicap adjustments. On the morning of the event, with a bit of liaising with Karl, we’d got all of our groups sorted and all the correct handicaps plugged in to the system. Each group were handed a smartphone device. With only 1 minute’s instruction, we were all clearly aware of how the scoring worked. It was that simple! The devices are very smart. Sleek black and responsive. The displays are big and bright. The buttons are simple to use and press. Next it was a case of getting on the course and testing the devices.

On the course

What excitement a live leaderboard adds to proceedings. We were the first group out and I was in control of the device for the first few holes. I was conscious to give my playing partners the opportunity to use the device to score for a few holes as well, so that we all had the opportunity to experience Karl’s product. Often when you are on the course, you zig-zag around and you will be close enough to other players in other groups to be able to speak to them. You might ask “how are you playing?” or “scoring well?” but with the live leaderboard, you know exactly how the other players are playing. Instead, you find yourself gesturing to other players from 50 yards away, knowing how well or badly you and they are playing!

I passed the device around to my playing partners, giving them the opportunity to use the device. Everyone in my fourball commented on how easy to use the device was and we found ourselves constantly checking the leaderboard to see who was playing well. We could see a player’s score to their handicap, so we knew which players were picking up points. Plus, we could see their points total and which hole they were on. The addition of the scoring system really did spice things up.

Back at the clubhouse

Once we’d finished our rounds and had completed the scoring process, there was an anxious wait in the clubhouse. Particularly for me, as I’d scored a rather healthy 39 points! I understand usually there would be a TV screen set up with a live feed of scores displaying, so that back in the clubhouse it would be possible to see who was doing what, which I can see would add further excitement to proceedings.

Once all groups had finished, the majority of the conversation back in the clubhouse was about people’s experience of using the device and questions like “What happened to you? You were doing well after 7 holes!”

I can recommend Competition Golf to anyone looking to run a golf day. It’s a great system and a great experience.