Far simpler than I have seen on competitors products

Karl Gjertsen

Alan Price

I am Ambassador of the FORE Business golf networking group that meets monthly in Northampton.  At one of our recent meetings we used the “Competition Golf” scoring system to keep track of the scoring in our Stableford competition, with 24 competitors, and I have to say it was excellent!

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We used it to record individual and team scores in real time; to keep track of the individual and team leaderboards, and the overall progress of the competitions, while we were out on the course.

It works really easily: one of the players in each group carries a dedicated device – supplied by Competition Golf – and simply records the gross score for each player on each hole.  The set up and input are quick and easy, and far simpler than I have seen on competitors’ products, which in my experience are fiddly and slow.

There is no doubt that keeping the live scores, and being able to track what other competitors were doing, made the competition more fun, and the job of the competition committee was simplified by the scores all being transmitted back to a central laptop.  All players kept their own manual score cards as a backup, but the calculation of the countback and overall positions were all done by the technology – fantastic!  I would unhesitatingly recommend the Competition Golf scoring system to anybody who is running a competitive golf event.