What is a Texas Scramble

What is a Texas Scramble

What is a Texas Scramble?

A Texas Scramble is a game format where the players get to choose which shot counts!

How it works

Imagine you are playing in a four-ball. Each player takes their tee shot and see where the 4 balls end up. The players then decide which of the shots is the best shot. If the group decides that yours was the best shot, you walk to your ball and the other 3 players go to pick-up their balls and join you at your ball. The other players then drop their balls next to your ball. Each player takes their second shot and the process repeats until the ball is in the hole. As soon as the ball is in the hole, the team score is recorded and the group moves on to the next hole. After all of the holes have been played, the team with the lowest score wins!

Why use this format

There are a number of benefits to using the Texas Scramble format, as it gives you a fun format and the scoring is straightforward as there is only a single score to remember. It also reduces the pressure for players with high handicaps, who can play without too much fear of embarrassment or of letting their team down. If you hit a ball into the rough or out of play, then it is not going to impact your team score too much. However, you need to remember any rules that are in use at the event.

Rules & variations

Texas Scrambles can have a number of rule variations, so you should always check the rules to be used on the day. You are usually required to use 4 drives from each player, for a team of three, or 3 drives from each player in a team of four. Balls from non-chosen shots must be dropped within one club length and not nearer the hole.

Some rules prevent the same players’ drive (or any other shot) to be chosen twice in a row. Another variation is that the player of the chosen shot cannot take the next shot. So if your drive is chosen as the best shot, you will need to sit out the next shot and leave it to the other players in your team. The rules in use mean that you need to give careful thought, and a bit of tactical planning when choosing which is the best shot. It might not be the furthest or straightest shot.

For example: If you have a high handicapper in your team, then you might choose their shot over a better shot so that you use up their number of required drives.


If you are running an event where there will be a lot of high handicap players, or players that are new to golf but want to take part, then a Texas Scramble is a great choice.

What do you like best about playing in a Texas Scramble? Leave your answers in the comments below.


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